Your quick guide to wearing Kitten Heels


Why kitten heels make an excellent choice

While high heels can create a desired affect in many situations, kitten heels are found to be more versatile. Easy to wear, because of the condensed heel, yet all the while giving a sultry appearance, due to its shape, position and character – the modern kitten heel has become very popular with women today.

Whether you choose dresses, skirts or trousers, smart or casual, work or party wear, the right style kitten heel will always add a feminine look to any outfit. Many top brands and fashion designers are now creating their take on a shoe style that is seeing a resurgence.

Different styles

Kitten heels come in many different colours and a huge variety of fabrics, styles and shapes, which is why finishing off your suitable attire for any occasion comes so easily. Choose from a peep toe, laced, rounded or pointed toe if you’re wearing kitten heels for work or formal evening wear – remember, etiquette states that for formal evening wear closed toes should always be worn! Sling-backs that wrap around your heel are great for evening wear on a night out with your friends and work well with jeans as they create an elegant yet light touch – very feminine!

The history of the kitten heel is quite exotic with the 1950s icon Audrey Hepburn firmly placing the shoe as a sophisticated and elegant item of essential dress ware and, because of this, many styles showing a far greater breadth of personality and individuality have been born. From suede to leather (genuine and pseudo), to bold statement making colours and designs of different textures and patterns in one shoe – you have every style that you could possibly need in any shoe.

Boots and sandals

And if you love your boots or sandals – or both – the process is repeated again here, with no less desirability when it comes to stylish sophistication and slightly less choice on the personality front when it comes to textures and patterns – due, in part, to less material for sandals and the exact opposite for boots (lets face it knee high boots in more than one colour would be waaaay too much right?).

How to wear your Kitten Heels

With summer fast approaching, it’s time to slip into sandals gear ladies. Dress your summer outfit with the popular flip flip style kitten heel – a great addition to a simple outfit of shorts and blouse or even to create a casual style with a dress or skirt.

For Work

The working day can be long with much time spent moving around, commuting, climbing stairs, running around the office, so  kitten heels are great because they are so comfortable to walk in, yet they will dress up your outfit.

Ditch the flats and replace with kitten heels when you put on those wide leg trousers. The short heels will emphasis your leg length without overpowering – understated and chic!

Wearing a pencil skirt and blouse? Choose from any of the closed toed kitten heels that match and compliment your attire. A great look is a pencil skirt comes just below the knee, allowing the kitten heel to emphasise your heel shape – demure is the word we’re looking for here.

Kitten Heel the weekend

Try skinny jeans with a pair of kitten heels, wear with either a close fitted or flowing top and you’ll step out knowing you’re looking stylish.

Still, with the chilly nights, it might be wise to wear something warm up top, so a cardigan with a waist belt looks great with kitten heels.

Warmer nights out wear a tank top tucked into shorts or a high-waist skirt for a great complimentary look.

The Kitten heel is easy to wear and still gives a sexy appearance – the best of both worlds and with styles to suit every budget from £10 to £100 + there is plenty of choice.

Grab a few pairs with different styles and finishes and you’ll have a shoe you can rely on for every occasion.