Tulisa’s polished style catches the eye

According to the Times Newspaper, Tulisa Contostavlos “rolled out a whole new demure persona” when she attended the closing day of her drugs trial. And we have to agree, Tulisa not only looked sharp and business like, she pulled off a beautifully put together style from top to toe – from her power blue jacket and floral patterned blouse down to her lovely cut dark trousers.

Tulisa arrives at court in a pair of beautiful kitten heels

But, for us, this combination wouldn’t have worked unless Tulisa got the footwear right and girl, did she!
Imagine this photo with Tulisa wearing a pair of towering stilettos – it just wouldn’t work. ‘Too much’ would have been an understatement. Kitten heels allow Tulisa to look business like and in control, yet allow her personality to shine with the bold jacket and floral top combination. You see, either create focus by drawing attention to your legs and feet, through your shoe choice, or allow focus elsewhere with an understated, yet carefully chosen pair of beautiful kitten heels. Kitten heels allow so many more choices when it comes to pushing a particular persona – yet they compliment rather than just fading into the background.

If you like the kitten heels Tulisa is wearing, here’s a pair that will help you achieve a similar look. Click the image to see more photos and the price.

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