Lammily the doll turns the tide on body image


A realistically proportioned doll has turned the tide on what has been a misrepresentation (in our book) of ‘normal’ looking women!

It’s so heartening to hear the story of one man who has made it his mission to break down the image of what has been represented as ‘classic beauty’ for decades.

Artist and creator Nickolay Lamm set about creating a doll that represented an average woman’s proportions. He did this to get the world to believe what many of us have been thinking if not saying – in his words –  “average is beautiful”

Taking statistics of the average female body, Lamm made headlines after creating a set of 3D images of Barbie in 2013 with a 33.6 inch waist and weighing 150 pounds. Now this year he has gone further, producing a doll that fits those proportions and demand for his size accurate doll is high.

Nickolay’s doll gathered so much interest he was able to raise $125,000 ($30,000 more than his goal) through crowd funding and now his doll has gone into production.

And keeping his ethos of bucking the trend in favour of celebrating natural feminine beauty, Lamm has announced his doll will wear little makeup and kitten heels! Our kind of man Lamm! ;)

Here’s a video of Lammily