Kitten Heels Sales Are Growing Fast In Northern Ireland

shoes kitten heels | trends as shown by Google 2014

We decided to take a look at Kitten Heels trends and find out whether sales are growing or declining over time. There are many people who (wrongly in our humble opinions) believe that Kitten Heels are dying out. But taking a look at the current celeb scene and also those powerful women in high-end positions, it’s plain to see that no such thing is happening.

So just to confirm what we already knew we took a look at Google trends to see what the search engine giant had to say. We weren’t surprised to note that June 2009 to June 2014 online searches have increased 300% for Kitten Heels. We were very interested to note that Northern Ireland as a region’s demand for Kitten Heels was the highest throughout the whole of Great Britain.

shoes kitten heels - trends in Northern Ireland, Scotland, England and Wales

The number reflects the relevance of the search for Shoes ‘Kitten Heels’, not the number of people searching.

Looking at Towns and Cities, in the search for Kitten Heels Liverpool came top, followed closely by Newcastle upon Tyne. Black kitten heels are doing very well in particular

Towns and Cities trends for Kitten Heels

Towns and Cities trends for Kitten Heels

So, we’d like to do a big shout out to all the ladies of Liverpool, Newcastle, Glasgow, Leeds, Belfast, Manchester, London and anywhere else in England, Scotland and Wales, who – like us – love kitten heels. We’d also like to say a special “Northern Ireland we salute you!” as the region topping our chart, you all have great taste and impeccable dress sense, so well done to you all.