Tulisa’s polished style catches the eye

According to the Times Newspaper, Tulisa Contostavlos “rolled out a whole new demure persona” when she attended the closing day of her drugs trial. And we have to agree, Tulisa not only looked sharp and business like, she pulled off a beautifully put together style from top to toe – from her power blue jacket

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Your quick guide to wearing Kitten Heels


Why kitten heels make an excellent choice While high heels can create a desired affect in many situations, kitten heels are found to be more versatile. Easy to wear, because of the condensed heel, yet all the while giving a sultry appearance, due to its shape, position and character – the modern kitten heel has

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OK. £500 to spend on shoes…

What would you buy? Today we’re posing the question: If You Had £500 To Spend On Shoes what shoes would you buy and why?   Maybe you’d choose more than one pair! Or perhaps it’d be boots! Whatever takes your fancy, we say, click the link, browse around and then come back and tell us your

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Which are our most popular Kitten Heels?

Since we launched one month ago we thought it would be nice to tell you which kitten heels have been selling the best. So we compiled the top 6 below, according to you, our customers. 1. Jia Jia Women’s Satin Kitten Heel Open Toe Party Prom Bridal Wedding Sandals Color Purple Size EU37/UK5 £121.80 inc. VAT 2.

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Lammily the doll turns the tide on body image


A realistically proportioned doll has turned the tide on what has been a misrepresentation (in our book) of ‘normal’ looking women! It’s so heartening to hear the story of one man who has made it his mission to break down the image of what has been represented as ‘classic beauty’ for decades. Artist and creator

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